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【Brief Introduction】

Frankfurt International Airport (airport code FRA) is located in Frankfurt along the Main riverside in Germany. Being the largest airport in Germany and the third largest airport in Europe (note: ranked in terms of passengers traffic), it claims to be an important hub of international flights all over the world.

There are two terminals in Frankfurt Airport which are connected by corridor, and there is also buses provided to transport passengers.

Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport consists of three halls A, B and C, and Terminal 2 consists of two halls D and E.

The long-distance railway station AirRail at Frankfurt Airport is located next to terminal 1. AirRail Service can carry passengers to every major city in Germany, including Bonn, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hanoverian, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, etc. In addition, the airport also provides access to the interurban high-speed train ICE service to Cologne.

【Map of Terminal】

Frankfurt Airport Terminal Plan:

Public area
Non-public area
Gates A, B, C
Gates D, E
Baggage claim  
Meeting point
Bus terminal
Level 0  Level 1  Level 2  Level 3 Level 4
shuttle bus
Sky Line
Regional trains
AIRail Terminal 
Long-distance trains 
Sheraton Hotel
Frankfurt Air Center

Departure Level Plan of Terminal 2:

The graphical representation (departure/arrival) of the second floor of Terminal 2 of Frankfurt Airport

Note: the check-in counter of China Eastern is located at counters 852~856 at area D.

Public area Non-public area Checkpoint Gates D,E
Check-in Information Baggage claim  Meeting point
Shuttle Railway   Parking   Bus terminal

【Airport Website】
For more details about the local airport, please click on the following: (German)

【Note】China Eastern is located at Terminal 2 (T2), and the check-in counter is located at Hall D at the departure level.