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Hong Kong

【Brief Introduction】

Hong Kong International Airport (airport code HKG) is located on the artificial island of Chek Lap Kok to the north of Lantau Island in the New Territories,  known as Chek Lap Kok International Airport.

As a regional transfer airport, Hong Kong International Airport is an important passenger and cargo traffic hub in Asia and was awarded as the best global airport many times. It is also rated as a five-star airport by Skytrax. The total area of the terminal of Hong Kong International Airport is 710,000 square meters, including two terminals.

Terminal 1 occupies an area of 570,000 square meters and is provided with a check-in counter,  pickup area and the shopping corridor of Hong Kong International Airport. The airport passenger corridor (the boarding gate) is also located in the building of Terminal 1. In addition, it’s also provided with a three-kilometer long escalator for pedestrians, the unmanned track traffic and rapid transit system, etc. In order to allow passengers fast and convienient transport from the urban district, the airport express is arranged next to the building, and the ground transportation center can also provide the airport bus service, taxi service, hotel parking, etc.

Terminal 2, with an area of about 140,000 square meters, is a marine, land and air traffic hub and can access the Sky Pier via the seaway. It provides passenger car service to the Chinese mainland hotels and local hotels, and for group travelers by the landway. Passengers can transfer to the eastern hall in terminal 1 via the rapid transit system after check-in and customs declaration.

【Map of Terminal】

Hong Kong International Airport Plan:

China Eastern (MU) is at T1.
Hong Kong International Airport
TERMINAL 2 (T2)      TERMINAL 1 (T1) 

Departure Level of Terminal 1 (Seventh Floor):

Departure Level on Seventh Floor       Southern Departure Hall      Restricted Area        Northern Departure Hall
Shop and Restaurant         The Check-in Counter of China Eastern       To Pickup Hall and Office    
To Pickup Hall and Ground Transport Center    To Pickup Hall and Office

【Airport Website】
For more details about the local airport, please click on the following: (English) (Chinese) 
The detailed map of terminal:

【Note】China Eastern is at Terminal 1 (T1), and the check-in area is at line J.