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【Brief Introduction】

Seoul Incheon International Airport (airport code ICN) is one of the busiest international airports in Asia. It is located 52km west of downtown Seoul and lies between Yeongjong Island and Yeongyu Island, which are 15km away from Inchon seashore. Inchon airport and Seoul are connected by Speedway 130 and there are frequent buses and ferryboats linking the airport with all parts of Korea.

【Map of Terminal】

Plan of Departure Level on Third Floor:


Departure Introduction
checking in and check-in luggage

Please check in your luggage after confirming your seat at the airline ticket counter.

Move to Departure Halls 1 to 4
Customs Declaration

please declare all valuable articles in your possession at the customs declaration desk in the departure hall.
Security Check

Check for possession of prohibited articles while boarding.
Border Checkpoint

Please show your passport and boarding pass at the checkpoint. All passengers and their belongings will be scanned prior to departure.

G ate 101 ~ 132:if departing from gates 101~132, please confirm your ticket and then board the Starline, the unmanned electric motorcar that will take you to the proper terminal for boarding.

G ate 1 ~ 50: Please board at the terminal.


Please board at the appointed gate within 40 minutes of the departure time.

Passengers taking Asiana Airlines and Korean Air Flights

Passengers flying with Asinan Airlines and Korean Air must board after checking in at the terminal.

When taking other airlines

Passengers flying with our company, please complete the customs declaration procedures at the terminal building and then go to the terminal by Starline for boarding.

Terminal Level 3

Passengers can go to gates 101 to 132 via the unmanned electric motorcar Starline, , which leaves for the departure lounge every five minutes.

Terminal Platform
Platform for Departing Passengers
Platform for Arriving Passengers
Departing Passenger Boarding
Arriving Passenger Disembarkment

Terminal Building Level 3

The check-in counter of China Eastern is located in area F.


【Airport Website】
For more details about the local airport, please click on the following: (Korean) (Chinese)

【Note】The ticketing counter of China Eastern is located in area F.