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【Brief Introduction】

Tokyo Narita Airport (airport code NRT) is located about 60 kilometers outside Tokyo in Narita, Chiba prefecture, Kanto, Japan. It consists of two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Tokyo Narita Airport is the largest international airport in Japan and mainly handles international flights.

【Map of Terminal】

Departure Level Plan of Terminal 2:

Departure/ arrival procedure

Departure route in terminal 2

After you choose the procedure you require, the position and the route can be shown on the following terminal map.
1 check-in     2 luggage examination     3 Customs     4 Immigration     5 to satellite island     6 to gates     7 boarding
3F main building 3F  departure hall  2F main building 2F  Immigration  3F  satellite island 3F
1 check-in counter Z     N check-in counter N     2 security check      3 Customs counter     4 Immigration
5 to satellite island by bus
JR. Keisei  Terminal 2 of Narita Airport

Plan of Check-in Area of terminal 2:

Check-in Counter   Inquiry Security Check Immigration Ceramic Mural

Third floor of Terminal 2 of Narita Airport China Eastern Check-in counter: Area B
Northern group  Southern group

【Airport Website】
For more details about the local airport, please click on the following: (Japanese) (Chinese)

【Note】China Eastern is at Terminal 2 (T2).