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Legal Privacy Policy

Legal Privacy Policy
1. Privacy PolicyTop↑

China Eastern promises to protect the user's personal privacy when providing products and services. We will treat the personal information you provide according to this policy and we commit ourselves to protect the user's right to privacy.

1. Under the premise of complying with the conditions and restrictions of this policy, the user can establish a (1) user ID to visit the website and conduct associated operations via the web service. The user is responsible for all actions taken under this user ID, including any actions of others who are allowed to use your user ID possibly by you yourself.

2. China Eastern will use your personal information in the following ways.
Username and password enables you to login to the website, and review your personal information and protected content on the site.
The user's information shall include name, contact information, email, etc. We will use this information to provide you with personalized service based on your needs.
Email, which is used to inform the user of and respond to any issues and requests, can also be used to release information about the China Eastern and its products and services. Additionally, it allows us to understand how to improve our products, services and website.

3. We will protect any personal information you provide. The authority to view personal information is limited to employees who need to view the information in order to complete their work. We won't release personal information to a third party unless required by law or the government.

4. The website of China Eastern uses "cookies". These cookies store useful information once you login. If the cookies function in the browser is disabled, you can still visit the China Eastern website, but some specific activities, such as booking flights, will not be available.

5. You can check and change any of your personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number, email, etc., at anytime in order to ensure the accuracy of your personal information. Others have no right to modify or delete the information you provide, except in situations where your personal information is lost, stolen or altered due to the divulging of your user ID and password or in the event of hacker attacks, computer viruses and other events affecting the normal operation of the network.

6. You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from our email list at any time.

Policy latest updated: December 2008.

2. Website DisclaimerTop↑

Article 1. All information, data, pictures and figures published on this website are for reference only.

Article 2. This website shall bear no responsibility for any profit or loss caused by investor actions based on information provided on this website.

Article 3. This website possess the sole right to publish and make use of published information. Duplication, use, and reprinting of this information without authorization or providing information to a third party for use is not allowed without prior approval.

Article 4. The user shall agree to provide personal information in a timely, detailed and in accurate manner . This website reserves the right to end a user's access to services on this website if any inaccurate information is provided by the user. This website shall maintain the confidentiality of user information according to the Security and Confidentiality Policy of User Data. User data shall never be disclosed in any way to any third party without the prior approval of the user and/or the interested party unless legally required. This website shall bear no responsibility for the disclosure of any personal information caused by the user sharing his/her password with others or sharing the registered account with others.

Article 5. This website shall bear no responsibility for the disclosure, loss, theft or embezzlement, etc. of personal information due to temporary shutdowns caused by computer hacking, computer viruses, damage of hardware facilities, and government stipulation, etc.

Article 6. This website shall bear no responsibility for any and all inconveniences and losses caused during temporary service outages due to circuit and hardware failures, system maintenance, system updating or other unavoidable and unforeseen events.

Article 7. Issues not covered in this disclaimer shall be governed by relevant national laws and regulations; where there is a discrepancy between this disclaimer and national laws and regulations, the latter shall prevail.

Article 8. Anyone who enters this website in any way or uses data of this website directly or indirectly shall be deemed as voluntarily accepting the terms of this website disclaimer.

Article 9. This website may include links to and maintenance reference data provided by a third-party website. These links are for convenience only. Some information and quotations thereinto are independently provided by our cooperating partners. This website shall bear no responsibility for the content oflinked websites.

Article 10. This website disclaimer and its rights of revision, update, and final interpretation all belong to China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited.

Article 11. Release date of this Disclaimer is December 2008.

3. Customer Service PlanTop↑
4. Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac DelaysTop↑